Better cinema sites

Navigating websites in a foreign language obviously has its difficulties. With me currently living in Switzerland this has become present in my daily online life when checking restaurant opening hours, buying movie tickets etc.

The latter one, finding what movies run at the cinemas, if found especially annoying and not just because of the foreign language barrier. The crook here was cineman.ch, Switzerlands biggest movie site. Tons of ads and poor information structure I found myself opening new tabs for each movie to compare movie data and simultaneously checking their IMDB rating.

Surely web 2014 can be done better. I decided giving it a go starting by scraping cinema showtimes from google to make this real and not just a beautiful jpg.



Version 1

In this version I managed to build a semi reliable php/jquery scraper that scraped showtimes and movie titles from Google. This was a great first step that gave hope me hope to reach a point with this project beyond fun explorations. But the scraper had its limitations and it was taking too much time from the fun part, working on the UI and frontend. Anyway version 1 was stable enough to show movie showtimes but no images and semi reliable IMDB data but it was still way better in my opinion that cineman.ch. Test early, ship often was ecoing in my mind so shipped the site I did. - December 2013.

Version 2

more coming soon...