History of yacinebelarbi.com

During the years i've spent a lot of time designing and building endless versions of my portfolio websites. The ROI I can't really quantify. Think the current version should be the last one for me to be able to move forward to bigger and better things. Enough.


Above you have the first version I ever built. Not sure what i was thinking but playing around with javascript was fun and allowed me create a playful yet somewhat useful site. Originally my website was under a domain that translated from Swedish would be "Look what i can do". (no comment)


A portfolio website unless a blog will most likely stay static with few or no dynamic content elements. The starting point here was to create a website that still could feel "alive" even tho I didn't actively update it. The idea of having feeds from external platforms like Youtube, Twitter, tumblr and Spotify would add that extra livelyness to it. This was fun and quite challenging at the time with service providers changing their APIs time to time breaking certain sections of the site.