Rainbow your Mac dock apps for quick UX win

Rainbow your Mac dock apps for quick UX win

Setting up a new computer is great fun. There is a certain satisfaction in starting fresh and getting everything just right. I especially enjoy installing all my must have apps and try optimizing them in terms of
— Does it open faster than before?
— What apps do I really need? etc.

A new similiar "game" I've recently discovered was
— How do I organize my Mac dock apps in the most effecient way?

Before I've never really cared or I've just grouped say all my browsers next to each other. This is how my dock used to look like.

Even tho my browsers are grouped they are grouped in a way that still takes some brain power understand. Its an arbitrary grouping and highly personable way of organizing things. An outsider wouldn't be able to easily navigate it.

Color code it!

Here's my Mac dock after its been colorcoded.

I find there is certain ease and smoothness having the icons grouped this way. My eyes when searching through the dock tend to start in the middle and then gets drawn to left to follow the harmony of the grouped colors.

I know, this is an extreme unscientific and personal experience but I can't discard that we humans are built this way. In nature we see color gradients of this sort every year when seasons progress from green -> yellow -> red -> brown.

Give it a go, play the "game". See if it helps you. I'm curios to hear.