This is the nice bit.
The part where I shut up and just show you the fruits of my labour.

— History of

A look back at previous versions of my portfolio website.

Frontend, Design,

— Ernest Hemmingway placeholder text generator

Its simple. For your designs and mockups a bit of Ernest goes a long way.

Concept, Tool, Design, Frontend,

— Festival website

Designing for 13-16 years old is difficult when your 30 something. But somehow we managed.

Design, Frontend, Rebranding, Awwwards,


— Restaurant website

A previous satisfied client recommended me for this project which required building a saucy one pager for a hot healthy startup in the restaurant scene.

Mobile, Twitter Bootstrap, Wordpress,

— Better cinema sites

Cinema sites are pretty crap. Never any IMDB ratings and always tons of ads to polute any nice design. I had enough one day and built my own extremely sexy cinema site.

animation, backbone.js, mobile,

— Campaign website

Travelling and learning can be a great way to get out and see the world. Sometimes you just need some inspiration to get out there.

UI design, wireframes, Prototype, Frontend, HTML5 video,
Rainbow your Mac dock apps for quick UX win

Rainbow your Mac dock apps for quick UX win

When stting in front of a computer our eyes do a lot of work. Some tasks are very slow and cognitivly "heavy" like finding that file on your desktop. To help yourself there is small tricks you can do.

Fresh pots!

Fresh pots!

— UX and design newsletter

In an attempt to raise the interest for UX, design, frontend development and the synergies between the 3 I created and curated an internal weekly newsletter on the topics.

Communication, trends,

— Fashion brand website

Stefanie Biggel is one of few and very succesful high couture fashion lines coming out of tiny Switzerland. I built the frontend for their site.

Twitter Bootstrap, Wordpress, Frontend,

— Restaurant search tool

Was missing a niched search tool for restaurants in Stockholm and that also provided complete and up to date data like cuisine, opening hours, location etc so decided to build my own.

custom map search, scraper,